About Birdline South East

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Birdline South East is updated up to 25 times per day and provides news from Hampshire to Kent and Berkshire to Essex with an overlapping zone into adjoining counties. It is run by Chris Heard and Jerry Warne who each average over thiry years of birding experience in south-east England. During this time we have gained an intimate knowledge of the birds, the sites and a lot of the individual birders in the region.

Chris Heard lives in Maidenhead, Berkshire and has served eight years as a member of the British Birds Rarities Committee. Jerry Warne lives in Maidstone and is a regular contributor to the Kent Ornithological Society. Both are leading birders in the south-east region.

Birdline South East is the definitive news service (we don't share our news with any other service) in south-east England and is the only one that

So for the most up-to-date, accurate and reliable news from the south-east region give us a ring on 09068 700 240 - and beware of cheap imitations!